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:::: OverPro ::::

The best Mainstream/Adult Affiliate Program on the market. They offer free games. You get paid $0.20 when a visitor plays a game. They even offer a $500 bonus just for signing up !

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:::: CEcash ::::

The best Adult Affiliate Program out there : payments sent weekly, great payouts, lots of different programs and the best support (really amazing). A top sponsor for many webmasters.

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:::: SexToySex ::::

A very reliable per sale program. You'll make 25% commission per sale including shipping revenue ! You'll have your own Sex Toys Store ready for promotion in a matter of seconds.

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:::: Premier Blind ::::

A Top Notch blind click program. You'll make 3 cents per click. Make $1000 during a month and get a $200 bonus. You can link any way you want (back button, onmouseovers, meta refresh tags, popups ...). Checks are sent monthly.

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:::: Alias Find and Replace ::::

This is a great tool for webmasters. We use it nearly everyday to update advertising on our sites. It can update thousands of HTML pages in a few seconds. Support rocks. Highly recommended.

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